High school chemistry class may have been a long time ago for some of you readers and if you don't remember much from those days you shouldn't feel too bad about it. Sometimes we forget what we had for breakfast yesterday morning or what time our naturopathic doctor is but that doesn't stop us from living our lives and having a good time.

We mention high school chemistry class specifically and wonder what you remember about it because we want to take some time on our website to talk specifically about pH levels. If your brain is scrambling back in time to your high school chemistry class and all you can think remember about it are the cool looking framed posters of atoms or the standard periodic table of elements each chemistry class was required to hang on the wall then it's a good thing we're here to tell you what pH levels are and why they're important.

In the world of chemistry pH stands for potential hydrogen and it's the measurement of any solution's hydrogen-ion concentration. Basically what pH levels measure are the basicity and acidity of any aqueous solution that can be found in such solutions like water treatment chemicals. There's one major reason why knowing what pH is and what your pH levels are and that has to do with your health. Although pH level measurements also play an important factor in food science, oceanography, forestry and civil engineering.

Having a body with proper pH levels means living a healthy life and if your blood is deemed to be too acidic or has too much alkaline in it then that might lead to health issues such as constant fatigue or possibly even cancer. If you were to get your blood tested and the results came back showing your pH levels are low there are ways to combat it without having to quit your job to take care of it.

The easiest way to do that is by changing your diet and eating foods that will balance out your pH levels. For slightly low pH levels you'll want to eat alkaline foods such as blueberries, strawberries, bananas or grapes. If your pH levels are in the medium range and you need to boost them even more foods such as beets and raisins will do the trick. For extremely low pH levels you'll want to increase your consumption of carrots, lettuce and celery. It's a win-win situation all around.

You may also need to check your waters PH level. The normal PH level for water, for human consumption, is 7. If you need your water tested or treated, there's companies that specialize in this. In the meantime, please help us recognize the support from our many webpage supporter Leaside real estate agent Patrick Rocca.

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