There are a lot of pesticides and weed killers out there that have been banned by many cities, which have forced people into using safe fertilizers. While the reasoning behind many pesticide bans can't be disputed, do safe fertilizers work and are they effective when using them around your property?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is only if you use them properly. The easy thing to say when a safe fertilizer that you bought to use around your townhome isn't doing its job is to say it's not potent enough and doesn't match up to the pesticides that you used to use but are no longer allowed to do so because they're now banned.

There are many safe fertilizers out there, especially those of the organic variety, that if used while following the directions that come with them, will work just as good, or in some cases, better than those harmful-to-the-environment pesticides you once use to kill weeds around your home.

Safe fertilizers provide the soil you are treating with basic nutrients that it requires for healthy growth and that will improve the quality of the soil and any plants that you plan on growing. Of course fertilizers have other uses other than to help plants grow or to kill weeds. Fertilizers also help shape and keep in good health the greens at golf courses or soccer turfs, perfect farming methods, and of course, with any landscaping needs. If you've just bought a home, and arn't sure what's been used as a fertilizer, you can have soil testing done by a home inspector like Housemaster Home Inspections. This can be costly though, up to $1000 for soil testing.

It's not out of the question to recommend using fertilizer on your home if you plan to sell it in order to improve the look of your garden if you don't have the financial means to hire a professional landscaping company to do so. Fertilizer, if used properly, also reduces thatch, builds root mass, enhances disease management, promotes turf density, encourages stress tolerance and speeds up aeration recovery.

Those are just a few reasons why you should use fertilizer, no matter the reason, be it to spruce up gardens around houses for sale in Surrey or to make a soccer pitch safe to run on. Any fertilizer deemed safe for the environment not only does its job but also makes you feel good about the harm you are no longer putting out into the world by using banned pesticides that were harmful to the planet and the air we breathe in on a daily basis.

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