There are all sorts of different theories out there these days about the technology or movement that is going to change the environmental state that the world is in and move things back in the right direction. Some people think that every building should be equipped with solar panels while others are looking for fuel alternatives. One of the options that scientists and environmentalists are looking at to lower our dependence on oil is biofuels.

The definition of a biofuel is a fuel that is produced from living matter. There are many different kinds out there but the most common varieties that you will hear discussed and see used throughout the world are ethanol and biodiesel. You might have even seen ethanol gas available at your local auto body shop.

One of the main benefits to this form of energy is that it comes from something that we can produce. Ethanol is made out of corn, which is something that can be grown throughout the world. And while you might find more land currently being converted into offices where you can trade rather than into more farmland, this could change in the coming years as there is more of a demand for biofuels. Some who are opposed to this source of energy argue that there is not enough space for this type of expansion of farmlands.

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Another argument in favor of biofuels is that it usually creates an easy transition from the energy sources that we are already using. While you would need to install solar panels in your house plans to make use of this source, it is quite simple to convert a car so that it can use ethanol gas rather than that which is derived from oil.

The last question when it comes to biofuels is if they use more energy to create than they provide when they are done. The crops need to be grown and processed before you can start using them to heat your dentist office or within cars. There is a study that says that this is currently not an energy source worth investing in because it is actually doing more harm than good on the environment and the energy crisis. With new growing and harvesting methods, this might change in the future.

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