Our society seems to teach us that altering your state of mind using different chemicals and substances is not a bad thing. When you're going to a party as a young adult you might bring a few drinks with you. And it is argued by many that there is no real harm in smoking some marijuana to relax at the end of the day every once in a while. But when the chemicals become something that you're used to and your body feels that it needs this is when it can become dangerous and problematic.

Chemical dependency is defined as an illness or disease where a person is addicted to mood-altering chemicals. This could refer to a person who has been in and out of rehab for years or even that lives a perfectly functioning life at first glance. It also does not mean that the use needs to be constant. There are many people with a chemical dependency that stop using for a few months but will start up again. Drug addiction and alcoholism are both characterized as chemical dependency illnesses and there are millions of people suffering from these conditions.

This is known as being a disease that cannot be cured and while there are people who are taking the steps to deal with this illness, it is not something that will go away after even the most rigorous treatment. It is far more complex than just a reliance on one chemical, as it is a very psychological condition and affects different people in many different ways. You might find people who respond to a spiritual treatment that involves a chant and team building drums while others need personal therapy and a rehabilitation treatment in a hospital setting.

There are a few different levels of treatment that a person needs to go through before they can start coping with chemical dependency. First, they need to get all of the chemicals out of their system and deal with the physical and emotional withdrawal. This can be the toughest part for some people and is one of the main reasons that it takes many people some time before they are willing to seek treatment. There is also a denial that commonly goes with chemical dependency. It takes time and usually reaching some sort of "low point" before the sufferer is willing to admit to themselves that they have a problem. Part of many treatment plans that has shown promise is using exercise as a form of therapy, in addition to acupuncture and other natural health remedies to help a person build a healthy lifestyle.
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Chemical dependency can be hereditary and can come from suffering from a number of other conditions. Someone might become addicted to something they were taking for pain or for anxiety treatment.Some scientists are working to find links between sufferers of this disease in the hope that there will one day be a cure.

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