The field of Biological sciences is booming in developed countries. With the combination of technology and the search for new ways to feed ourselves and power our vehicles, more and more scientists are submitting research on biological topics. You may think that biology is all about cell structure or plants and animals, but there are a wide variety of biological sciences you can make a career out of. If you're trying to choose a major, here are some popular picks.


Why not give agriculture a try? Agriculturists study the methods of producing crops with emphasis on making more plants grow bigger and more often. With biomass fuel and ethanol-laced gasoline becoming viable alternatives to coal and oil and a food crisis caused by climate change on the horizon, agriculture is shaping up to be a field with a lot of career options.


Biotechnology, which encompasses such fields as bioengineering, has exploded in popularity since the dawn of the age of technology. Biotechnology focuses on replicating natural processes artificially and can be used to create anything from artificial limbs to the tools that dentists use (find examples at Uptown Yonge Dental) for noninvasive surgery. As technology progresses, this field will only grow, so it's a great choice for people who want a guaranteed job opportunities when they graduate, though it's not a good field for anyone who does not want to deal with questions of ethics or controversy.


Genetics is another biological field that has seen a huge boost in popularity and importance since the arrival of better computers. Geneticists study the human genome and the DNA of animals and plants as well with a view to preventing diseases and improving longevity and quality of life. Genetics can be used to predict a person's traits, penchant for house plans over math, and whether they're likely to come down with certain diseases.


Climate change is not only affecting the temperature of the atmosphere but also the temperature, acidity, and composition of the ocean. As the human effects and the garbage we throw into the ocean build up, it creates a need for more oceanographers to study the effects and predict how the ocean's ecosystems will react. Oceanography is a great choice for anyone who likes the outdoors, as many careers in this field involve extensive amounts of hands on field work.

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