There are many things that we cannot live without. We all need air to breath and things to eat in our homes for example. And then there are those things that would cripple the world as we know it. Technology now certainly falls into this category in many different countries. We are even starting to write movies and stories about the world turning to ruin if technology were to fail us. This site is all about the different technologies that are now a part of our lives.

One of the technologies that we are now using on a daily basis is the computer. Most people use it for work or school and you will find them in the majority of households. We use them to learn something new, to stay in touch with those who are most important to us, and for entertainment. It seems that they are becoming more a part of our lives every year and that it will soon be almost impossible to live without them. We will keep you up to date on all you would like to know when it comes to computers, from choosing one to the new things that people are doing with them.

Technology is constantly changing the business world and different industries. Most people know it is changing the face of manufacturing, as machines are able to replace what once only people were able to do. But, it is also responsible for the way we operate today in finance, advertising, and in many of the arts. You will see people working as teachers and those helping people in hospitals who require medicine and that are needing to adapt to different and new technologies all the time. Many of these are meant to make us more efficient and others are to stretch us to places we are not able to go on our own.

Someone who is interested in technology is also usually interested in the possibilities of what mankind can do. We were able to fly when we built the plane and then went even further and created a machine that could take us into space. We have used technology to help people survive from illnesses and injuries and use them every day to make things easier. One hundred years ago it was rare for a person to own a car or even to have heating appliances warming up their home. It's amazing to see how far we have come in a relatively short time. But for many, it's more interesting to explore the possibilities of where we might still be able to go. We will get into all of those discussions here at

Technology is one of the things that drive our society today, with our phones to our televisions. We are forever discovering new things that seem to become necessary in our lives only a few months later. Here we celebrate the evolution of technology and all that it has brought us through the years.

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