Pesticides have long been an issue of debate around the world and for good reason too. There are some who believe that pesticides have no use whatsoever and should be banned. While others contend that there are some beneficial uses to pesticides and people shouldn't be so wary of them. It's a debate that will linger on until a conclusive study is found that supports one theory over the other.

Those in favor of pesticides believe their purpose outweighs any negative aspects related to their use, be it a pesticide such as insecticides that are used to kill insects, herbicides which are used to kill plants, rodenticides which are used to kill rodents or fungicides which are used to kill funguses. Each one of those pesticides has a very specific purpose whether they're used in your Toronto loft or your local grocery store.

That doesn't really matter to those that believe the use of pesticides should be banned, no matter what benefits come from using pesticides. Even though there are pesticides that are regulated by federal governments in some countries that doesn't mean they are completely harmless. Most pesticides contain chemicals that are harmful to one's health and the environment.

Using pesticides to kill off an insect problem might rid you of your insect problem but it might also be harming you in the long run. Is it really worth killing a few bugs if it means causing harm to yourself? A few health problems that have been associated with the use of pesticides include cancer, nausea, dizziness, headaches and mental confusion.

Another terrifying study found links between pesticide use and brain cancer and leukemia in children. The results of that study came back saying that pesticide use in the home and garden led to children being more than six times as likely to get leukemia.

Not to mention the environmental concerns such as causing harm to certain wild species, soil contamination, and water pollution. When pesticides are used on lawns, the city or homeowner is required to put up a sign to warn others that pesticides have just been sprayed. They are especially dangerous to pets who may touch the grass, or even ingest it. "If you suspect your pet has ingested pesticides, take them to a vet immediately and try to find out the type of pesticide used" says Brian Watson from Fairmont Animal Hospital in London, Ontario.

Even with all the dangerous side effects and consequences that arise because of pesticides being used in or around homes and gardens there are still going to be some that argue for pesticides to be used because of the benefits they bring such as controlling pests and improving livestock quality.

It's more than likely that the pesticide debate will continue to rage on for a very long time with no side giving in and pesticides being allowed to still be in existence as people debate over their merits.

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